Life has ups and downs, pain and joys, struggles and victories.

But you know what all these have in common? You!

You having to go through them all one by one, often at the same time.

You hear experiences is all that’s necessary to do well, however it isn’t your and many of such lessons don’t stick because you don't really connect with them

You need to help while you’re struggling and not just random sound bites when you feel like.

That image of the best version of you needs to be sculpted slowly needs to be molded

I was once in your shoes

I felt stuck, frustrated at not getting the results I wanted out of life

I used to be a primary school teacher who wanted a way out.

The job wasn’t terrible but I hated trading hours for chump change.

Being punished foolishly for being late (even if it wasn’t my fault). Working harder than everybody else yet getting paid the least.

This sucked, I am honest, skilled, full of integrity and potential. I deserved better

It was then in desperation I decided to spend thousands (which I barely had at the time) to get a coach, a mentor to push me past my limiting beliefs and lack of experience and know-how. 

It was tough and he was very hard on me. I fell on my face a few times

I took massive action and did the work.

And..I began making way more money, left my job . Started my online business and became a totally new person

And that is what I want to do for you

Life isn't meant to just be comfortable

You don’t have to settle and be mad that you cannot get what you see others have.

You don’t have to secretly compare yourself to others by thinking there’s nothing else to do

You can feel confident in your own shoes in your own skin

I understand your desire for more, your wanting for better, for the best

It’s confusing seeing so much conflicting information. Fake gurus flashing Lamborghinis.

I understand your pain, people doubting how good you are and what you’re capable of , not seeing your potential

I’m here to tell you that your dreams are possible and I believe in you

But you need to have the courage to take my hand first

What you get as a member of our Masterclass

  • Over 20 exclusive videos proven to reprogram and upgrade your mindset and current life results
  • Exclusive interviews with talented, prominent and experts on many key issues

Who is it for

  • If you’re tired of not just being your best despite trying so hard
  • If you’re a super ambitious high achiever who wants to take your personal and professional success to the next level
  • Who is willing to bet on themselves and values their time
  • Loves learning and values concise and actionable information a lot more
  • This will work for you if no matter you background, financial status or country you live

Who is it not for

  • People who make excuses and aren't actually committed to change and being their best selves
  • People who mix and match products (in fact the less you think you know the better our program will work)
  • People who value quantity but not quality and practicality.
  • People who believe a Netflix membership or Starbucks coffee is a better investment than in themselves

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Welcome video

    • Welcome video
  • 2

    The importance of Planning

    • The importance of Planning
  • 3

    Things you should stop doing immediately

    • Things you should stop doing immediately
    • Top Things you must stop doing
  • 4

    Quick instant hacks for stress relief

    • Quick instant hacks for stress relief
  • 5

    How to Focus Get Shit Done!

    • How to Focus Get Shit Done!
    • Ultimate Focus Checklist
    • Why motivational videos will hurt you
    • Why motivational talks don't move the needle in your life
  • 6

    The no excuses startup checklist (no matter your income level )

    • The no excuses startup checklist (no matter your income level )
  • 7

    Your #1 dream killer - entitlement (how to get rid of it)

    • Your #1 dream killer - entitlement (how to get rid of it)
  • 8

    How to overcome depression

    • How to overcome depression
  • 9

    Life detoxification checklist

    • Life detoxification checklist
  • 10

    How to overcome imposture syndrome

    • How to overcome imposture syndrome
  • 11

    SSRI Formula:

    • SSRI Formula:
  • 12

    The real definition of jealousy (how to make it an advantage)

    • The real definition of jealousy (how to make it an advantage)
  • 13

    *Bonus Section*

    • Relationship Hacks
    • Show your partner your worst tendencies early
    • Do not expect what you're not willing to give
    • Figure out what you want in a partner
    • Qualify and vet your partner
    • Relationship hacks Overview